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pork 2005-05-04 Programmable, ncurses-based AIM and IRC client that mostly looks and feels like ircII.
Please read the news file when upgrading to this version.
oidentd 2.0.8 2006-05-22 Configurable IDENT server that supports NAT/IP masq.
This project is now being maintained by Janik Rabe at github
snuff 1.1 2003-01-30 Anti-spam thing.
iplog 2.2.3 2001-01-03 TCP/IP traffic logger.
I am through working on this project. I will not be making any updates, and I will ignore just about all email about it. If anybody wants to take it over (for whatever reason), let me know.
ocd 0.1 2000-01-02 ncurses-based cd player for Linux.
sundry 2003-02-01 Miscellaneous small, useful (to me) programs


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